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Posted on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 5:58am by Lieutenant Commander Hamish Brott
Edited on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 9:55am

Greetings Bellwether Crew,

I wanted to say belated Happy New Year! There is only several of us on Bellwether as writers and in character. The fleet does a fantastic job at keeping up with awards monthly, quarterly, and yearly. So, I opted not to do internal sim-based awards. However, I still wanted to do something. With a sim as small and quirky as the Bellwether is, I opted to go with something as quirky. Therefore, I am unveiling The Bellwether Station Merit Badges!

Similar to scouting organizations, the Bellwether will have its own badges. Though instead of forcing you out into the wild to tie knots or sell cookies, you may earn these through writing posts on Bellwether. Each year, I hope to reveal a fresh batch of merit badges. For 2022, there are eight of them. Each of the eight badges can be earned by meeting the writing criteria for a post (which can be done by a solo post or a joint post).

Cup of Joe – Nothing beats the real deal. Have your character make themselves their own coffee whether that be a French press, drip, siphon, moka pot etc. Replicators just cannot get the job done. Whether you enjoy it alone or with your station crewmates.

Spice of Life – Power consumption is something of concern on a small relay station which means the use of replicators needs to be rationed, but a crew needs to eat. It’s your turn to have kitchen duty, so hop into the galley and get cooking! Whatever you want to make and how it turns out is entirely up to you and/or your co-writers.

A Little off the Top – Feeling like changing up your look? Write a post where you try out a new look. Be that a haircut, beard trim, or dying your hair. You can also but your barber skills to good use and give someone else a little off the top, but don’t go Sweeny Todd on them.

Dream Catcher – Count those sheep or go on a vision quest, whatever takes you to La La land or somewhere in between. Good dream? Nightmare? Whatever you experience is up to you

Goose is Cooked – Things do not always go according to plan, and you sometimes just feel like your goose is cooked or you are on a wild goose chase. Write a post where your character is just having a bad day where nothing is going right.

Edgar Allan Poe – From “The Tell-Tale Heart” to “The Raven,” Edgar Allan Poe was known for the macabre, mystery, horror, the generally weird. Take a swing at writing a genre piece with your character, or a post that pays homage to Edgar Allan Poe himself.

Night Owl – Bellwether station is slated to become completely autonomous in the future, but we are not quite there yet. This means that someone should be the officer on watch at all times or at least be awake and alert to respond to situations. Write a post where you have ‘Night Watch’ while others are asleep. What happens?

El Chupacabra – Is your character is Cryptozoology? Did they see a Big Foot when they were younger? Write a post that deals with cryptids. Maybe you take the shuttle to a nearby planet and spot something Yeti-like creeping about or you have an encounter with the goat sucker itself!



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