The Sim

Greetings and welcome to Federation Subspace Relay Station-97 or more casually known as Bellwether Station. This sim has come about because of a nagging idea that has persistently teased me the past several years, constantly evolving, and pestering me to take form. Though my plans were never to open a second command again, I see this less of my sim and more of a launching pad for an idea. Essentially, it has become a sandbox for character development and to have some fun, and who better to bring along for the ride than some of the best character creators and storytellers that I’ve met along the way.

First and foremost, this is not your normal sim and much like the earlier seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, there is not going to be much ‘exploration’ in the physical sense. The greatest trek of exploration will at the forefront be that of character development. This set on a station ergo relatively stationary. The natural bonds formed between characters or built-up dislike will be front and center. However, we do have an interesting backdrop to work with, and that backdrop will facilitate short missions just like your more normal sims.

The region of space where this relay station is situated is not a pleasant one. Though not necessarily of much ‘strategic importance’ anymore for the Federation, the station is still significant. It has history, it has charm, and its crew still have duties and responsibilities vital to the region. The station lies on the fringes of the Ionite Nebula Region an area spanning several star systems with a behemoth of ionite and other types of nebulae. This region covers Luria (the homeworld of Morn’s species), the homeworld of the Letheans, and nearby neighbors include the Ferengi Alliance, the Breen Confederacy, and the First Federation.

Bellwether station is a subspace communications relay that monitors, receives, and directs communiques from neighboring Federation starbases and any Federation starships in the area. However, the crew of this small, manned station is also responsible for the deployment and maintenance of buoys because as hazardous of a region as this is, it is unfortunately one of the primary trade routes and shipping lanes between the Ferengi Alliance, the United Federation of Planets, and other smaller factions and independent worlds. Between the navigational hazards and frequently trade and commerce traversing the area, it is the perfect recipe for attracting nefarious individuals such as pirates, smugglers, and raiders.

The station is small, the living quarters are packed, and the infirmary is practically a walk-in closet, but there is arguably no better place to be if you want a true frontier experience among the stars. Much like Deep Space 9, the station will see its fair share of passersby, and though they may not live and work on the station, these individuals may need to be put up for a night or two. So, there are cots stored in the cargobay.