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Lieutenant Commander Brott

Name Darulio Brott

Position Station Commander

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Sex Male
Sexual Orientation homosexual
Age 47
Species Bolian

Physical Appearance

Height 172.7 cm
Weight decadent - You don't need to know
Hair Color None - Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Brott is approximately 172.7 centimeters tall and has a rounded figure. He has deep blue skin as usual for a Bolian. Likewise, Brott has a characteristically bald head for his species. When not wearing his uniform, Brott wears garish and flamboyantly 'loud' clothing.


Personality & Traits

General Overview
A bombastic individual as colorful as the garish clothing adorning his barrel-chested, and plump figure. Hamish Brott is a very meticulous person with a keen eye for detail and an almost eidetic memory. His loud jovial voice matches that of the barrage of thoughts constantly flowing through his mind. Gregarious and bombastic, Brott is the life of any party, enjoying being the star attraction. He is an entertainer who goes out of his way to be the most hospitable host that you’ll come across for sectors. Truly a person who would give you the shirt off his back as unflattering as that may be given the amount he perspires. Brott like many of his species is completely and utterly exhausting though certain topics will cut him short: Theories, abstract concepts, and plodding discussions about galactic issues and their implications do not hold his interest and he will try to either steer the discussion back onto a subject matter he enjoys or make an excuse to move onto someone else to chat with.

Brott has a very self-assured, attractive, and charming personality that usually clicks with others, but can be irritating to those who prefer their alone time and personal space. He is mildly ambitious although he can get complacent (which is why he’s been with the station so long). Though he may not always seem it, he is a competent officer, and an energetic leader, caring for others, especially the crew under him. He can be status-conscious and is well aware that people are often judging his appearance and personality. Brott is diplomatic and poised but can also be overly concerned with his image and what others think of him. Sometimes, Brott has problems with workaholism and competitiveness. At his best he is an enigmatic motivator and fostering shepherd to his flock, at his worst he can be assertive and invasive and his competitiveness can steer him towards jealousy or obsession.
Strengths & Weaknesses

● Spectacle - Brott is an entertainer and believes that making others smile is part of his life's work. Because of his chattering nature and passion for theatrics, he can often cause attention and concentration to gravitate towards him. This has been beneficial to his crew in the past as Brott's ability to distract an adversary is arguably second to none.

● Soothing Jazz - Aside from his love of opera and theatre, Brott is a trained saxophonist and his soothing notes of Jazz can lull many to a tranquil state.

● Social butterfly - He's no wallflower! Brott is a social butterfly if there ever were one and his wings are spread far and as vibrant as ever. From contacts in the Ferengi Commerce Authority to the Federation's Merchant Marines, and even a few run-ins with the Orion Syndicate, Brott has a network of contacts who have information for a price.


● Devil for details - Brott's eidetic memory can definitely be a strength, but for as much of a strength it can be, it can whip around and be a weakness tenfold. He remembers little details about things that most people can brush aside as water under the bridge, but when Brott holds a grudge, he can forgive, but he will never forget.

● Solicitous Solicitor - There's nowhere to run or hide aboard the relay station that Brott won't be able to find you, and he will turn over every rock and check every crevasse for you. He is so concerned with others that if he even suspects that you are having a bad day, he will hunt you down to give you doting affection.
Brott is a curious case as most people assigned to Relay Station-97 are only posted there for a brief period of a handful of months or a couple of years at most. Lieutenant Commander Brott has no intention of leaving the station for reassignment, and Starfleet Command is well aware of this. Brott arrived at the station over a decade ago, passing up promotions and postings along the way. He's earned his rank of lieutenant commander by longevity rather than notable postings and performance. His ambitions are to continue to serve aboard the station until it is decommissioned or Starfleet renders it fully automated.
Hobbies & Interests
● Opera - Brott is a bit of an aficionado of opera, Earth, Klingon, and otherwise. Those serving on the station will hear opera coming from the Station Commander's office and living quarters. At times, he may even pump it through the station-wide comm system. However, not only does Brott listen to opera, but he also belches it out with his baritone voice.

● Fashionisto - It is difficult for Brott to pass up the opportunity to acquire the galaxy's best silks and fabrics. Though the station itself does not have an abundance of cargo room, a significant portion of the Commander's personal cargo is clothing.

● Theatre - Though Brott's 'acting' career never took off, that has not stopped him from performing for others. He likes to make people laugh and keep crew morale up. So, one should not be alarmed if Brott either tries to do a one-man show or has a 'movie night' aboard the station.

● Sculpting - Brott is an artsy individual who enjoys working with clay. He tends to make his own pottery that he will sometimes use to barter with a passerby. Sometimes, he makes gifts for his crew on special occasions.

Personal History Hamish Brott was born on the lunar colony of Dolin in the Bolarus system, one of the four moons of Bolarus IX, the Bolian homeworld. His parents lived an extravagant life, his father was a galactic art collector and occasional seller, and his mother an auctioneer whose work often led Hamish and his family to travel as far as east as Ferengiar and as west as the Orion colonies. Their household was crammed-packed with various artifacts that were acquired over the years. They had given their child Hamish a nomadic and transient sort of life, often traversing the stars, seeing many different worlds and civilizations, but never stopping too long. They were always on the move except for the occasional downtime where they’d be hunkered down on Dolin for a few weeks at a time.

Business was in his indigo-colored blood, he was raised idolizing his parents and some of his mother’s shrewd business sense, and his father’s flair for the dramatic rubbed off on him. He was very much a child of the arts and though the majority of his schooling was done by subspace and asynchronously, that did not prevent him from getting an outstanding education even in his formative years of childhood and young adolescence. From time to time, his parents would employ tutors from different backgrounds and worlds. For the longest time, he has a Cardassian tutor in the Arts and a Ferengi tutor in Mathematics and Galactic Economics. In his later years, a Vulcan tutor taught him a great deal about ethics. Though these schools of thought and cultural flavors were not always in agreement, Hamish Brott was able to take bits and pieces from each and sculpt them into pieces that fit together to make the whole of his young outlook on life.

When he was of age, he was bound for a good education wherever that ended up being. His parents had some say in the matter though they did give Hamish some freedom of choice. His natural gravity pulled him towards the financial side of things. He was accepted into the Ferengi School of Business and Galactic Commerce where he pursued a degree in Business albeit some of the courses and specific materials taught conflicted quite a bit with the ethics, he had learned from his Vulcan tutor a few years prior. The Ferengi had a knack for business, and sometimes that meant bending other worlds’ ethics because nothing superseded the Rules of Acquisition.

After graduating, he would move away from his parents and settle on his own on Bolarus IX, still close to home, but his parents were rarely ever on Dolin anyways. Hamish ended up taking a job as a teller at one of the branches of the Bank of Bolarus. He would work there for a couple of years, earning praise and being offered a promotion that turned down. He wanted something new and exciting in his life and banking was neither new nor exciting. This would leave him to audition for and being accepted into the Aldebaran Music Academy’s graduate program.

There, he would spend another few years learning to strengthen his skills as a saxophonist. He became quite good at it though not enough that he was going to stand out in an orchestra. He had a deep love for music and for many arts, performing or otherwise, but at the very heart of it, he wanted to tour the stars. A slightly above average Bolian saxophonist with a taste for Earth Jazz was not going to get that many gigs in the galaxy. He dreaded the thought of being a struggling artist, hopping on transport to transport just to find a place that could respect his music for a brief moment. He would eventually find his doorway: Starfleet.

With his prior education and after completion of basic training, Hamish Brott went through several weeks of officer training school to earn his Starfleet commission towards the tail end of the Dominion War. He was not a fighter by any means, and his desire to serve Starfleet at the time of the Dominion War was not to take lives and save the Federation, it was to give those fighting for the Federation, a reminder of home and keep their spirits from breaking. He found himself almost immediately transferred from his original posting aboard Starbase 2 to the USS Formidable, a Defiant class starship that participated in the Second Battle of Chin’Toka while Hamish Brott was stationed aboard. He was officially listed as the ship's Morale Officer, but it was his background in band that placed him there. He played his saxophone while the crew engaged the Dominion fleet.

After the Dominion War came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, Hamish Brott was reassigned to Earth. He would be an Associate Conductor in Starfleet stationed primarily in New Orleans, overseeing the musical programs, compositions, and arrangements of the enlisted musicians underneath him. He would serve adequately in this position for several years and rise to the rank of lieutenant.

He would return to San Francisco to take some additional classes in History and Library Sciences. This set him up for transferring out of Starfleet Band and into a posting as a Librarian at the United Federation of Planets Library on Memory Alpha. Hamish Brott would spend several years as a Librarian at Memory Alpha before he would be reassigned to the post he still holds to this very day: Bellwether Station.

Initially, Brott was assigned to the Station as bit of an unoffical Morale Officer and was third in command. His normal position aboard the station was that of Operations Officer, but aside from the general operations of the station and keeping morale up, he took on a plethora of additional duties including that of being the self-proclaimed historian and chronicler of the station. This is still something he does in his own free time.

His promotion to Lieutenant Commander some years later would render him First Officer after completion of remote command level courses. He was transferred to the command division and first began donning the red uniform of command in the late 2380s when the station was under the command of a Barzan Commander from 2386-2388. Their successor was a Bajoran who did not always get along with Hamish Brott. She was only there from 2388 to 2390.

Brott was given command of the station in the early months of 2390 and has remained in command the entirety of his years aboard since. Though Starfleet has offered to reassign him elsewhere, he does everything he can to keep holding the command. His crew is constantly changing, but the Bolian remains a cornerstone of the station.