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Lieutenant Himari Kai, MD

Name Himari Kai, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex Female
Sexual Orientation asexual
Age 33
Species Trill

Physical Appearance

Height 5"9
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Kai is tall and has a solid frame. She has broad shoulders and carries herself with grace. She is quick to smile and has a dazzling one. She has steel grey eyes, a rare occurrence even for Trills and what was most fascinating is that they turned gray post joining.
She has black hair that she keeps long and always in a ponytail .

Her uniform is always crisp and clean. She tends to wear earrings that are rather large and different shapes. Like all Trills she has spots on her forehead that run all the way down her body.

She has one hidden tattoo.
She is never without lipstick.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Koyonus Tillirs
Mother Renari Tillirs
Brother(s) Jatar Tillirs - Older
Adoris Tillirs - Older
Sister(s) Kalari Tillirs - Older
Other Family None her own but several relations alive from previous host.
She has a cat called Matilda (Milli)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kai is a mystery. She is one of those fake it till you make it people. She is quick to smile and is able to put her patients at east. She is friendly and loving and kind.

Himari - the host is a bit insecure and unsure of who she is. Her joining was odd in that she was joined when she was very young just before entering the academy. She is trying to form her personality and find herself and balance the other personalities from previous hosts.

Himari herself is shy and does not trust easy. She is a fighter and has been taking care of herself all her life. She is studious and often does not give herself the credit she deserves. She is a dreamer yet when it comes to her work she is a lion and her goal is to save the whole universe one person at a time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths and Weaknesses:

As per evaluations by Academy staff

+ Medical knowledge that drawn on more then one lifetime
+ Dedicated; Loyal; Hard working
+ Detail Oriented
+ Meticulous and Organized
+ Intelligent
+ Thinks outside the box
+ Excellent memory

^ Still very much discovering herself
^ Not very good in Social situations
^ Afraid to connect to people on a personal level
^ Not trusting and Shy
^ Doesn't share anything personal
^ Past life distrust of people
^ Anxiety
Ambitions To be the best doctor she can be, to live her life and peace and to figure out who she is in the mess of hosts that have gone before.
Hobbies & Interests Reading,
Horse riding,
Writing in her journal
Flying a shuttle,
Study of Cultures - Specifically Vulcan and Old Earth Japan

Personal History Childhood: Born on the Trill home world as the last child of the Tillirs family. She was an unplanned pregnancy after her parents had triplets and very much unwanted, a point her family emphasized often.

From a young age she learned that for emotional support she could only rely on herself and she often found that she escaped into her books and studies.

Trill Academy (Accidental Joining):

Starfleet Academy - Medical

Medical Officer USS Firestone: Post graduation of Starfleet Academy, she was assigned to the USS Firestone as a junior physician under the tutelage of Dr. Amarin Alberts. Dr. Alberts described her as dedicated, caring, and detail oriented. She was always one time and always completed her work and asked for more.

During her first years on Firestone she was very much finding her way. She tended to keep to herself after work and frankly was too exhausted to do much. As the years progressed things got better for her and she was able to make friends. It took a few years for her to be convinced that she was really a part of the Firestone family.

Medical Officer Senior USS Firestone: A few years into her tenure on the Firestone she became a senior medical officer. She was a strong participant in away missions and she found that she worked very well when under pressure. She also took the bridge officer’s exam in hopes of one day becoming CMO.

Her closest friend on the ship was Katsumi Tanaka a young medical doctor. They shared a love Japan and Vulcan and seemed to be inseparable. It was as if they were sisters rather then co-workers. Both shared a difficult childhood and both learned that they could rely on one another like they could not on anyone else.

Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Firestone: Yet a few more years down the line Kai got a promotion to Assistant Chief Medical officer. With Dr. Alberts getting older the woman had wanted Kai to succeed her and Kai wanted to be CMO, or at least she thought she did. As her best friend got transferred to Bellwether station she seemed to loose her center and she began having anxiety issues.

Kai began to overthink things and wondered if her love of medicine and her ambition to become CMO was hers or a previous hosts. She fell into a deep hole of depression and the only thing that pulled her out of it was a call from Katsumi to tell her that she was leaving Bellwether as it was too isolated, even for her.

Transfer request to Bellwether station: Kai was convinced that she needed isolation. She needed a place where she could prioritize herself and figure out her life. What better place then a station so far out that not even the creator knew where it was. She asked for a transfer and having been granted one set about to packing with extraordinary speed.

Host history:
Kijil Kai - Male (Host 1)
The artist. He was known as one of the most prolific painters on Trill. Everyone wanted to own a Kljil Kai painting. He was known for his bold use of colors and his images of nature. He painted images that jumped out at you and took you to a new place.

Gramial Kai - Male (Host 2)
The Doctor. His main hobby was flying shuttles. A man who took to the sky to escape reality. On Trill he was one of the top trauma surgeons. He saved many lives and was the best in his field.

Lozrull Kai - Female (Host 3)
The Historian. Her love of history could not be tamed. She was a professor of Archeology on Trill and was made famous by several archeological finds. She was also an antiquities dealer whose love of other worlds archeology cost her her life but also brought her fame and money.

Denu Kai - Female (Host 4)
The Doctor. A Chief medical officer on Trill for years serving as head of one of the biggest hospitals in the southern region and the founder of the moon medical base a hospital for long recuperation, research, and the top counseling facility in the Trill system.

Himari Kai - Present Host - Female (Host 5)
Doctor / Counselor. Attended Starfleet Academy's medical division majoring in Surgery and frontier medicine as well as counseling.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Medical Track
Starfleet Medical - 4 years Specialization Frontier Medicine and Surgical Intervention & a double first in Medicine and Counseling
Year Three - Served six years on the USS Firestone

Bellwether was a requested posting.