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Commander Izzy Schröder

Name Izzy Schröder Ph.D.

Position Visitor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Sex Female
Sexual Orientation heterosexual
Species ½ Betazoid

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Long dark curly brunette hair typically pulled up into a bun or something with more decadence or elegance, Izzy is not afraid to highlight her beauty, but she is quite the Tom boy when it comes to it. She will wear makeup though nothing too extravagant. Her complexion is clear, with radiant skin soft to the touch; however, she does have one 'beauty mark' left cheekbone.


Father Hershel Schröder
Mother Pamela Schröder
Brother(s) Lieb Schröder
Sister(s) Breena Schröder

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unabashed and brazen, Izzy is two parts of an explorer to one part academic with a generous sprinkling of diplomat. A dash off fighting spirit for good measure. Just about all the good qualities that Starfleet looks for in an officer run through her veins, but she has always been ‘an odd one’ which has resulted in her unorthodox approaches and flamboyant assignments over the years. Izzy challenges the status quo frequently, never afraid to ask tough questions.

With Izzy, there are no beliefs too sacred to be questioned, no idea is too fundamental to be scrutinized, and no rule is too important to be broken or at least thoroughly tested. None of it is ever mean spirited though. She has earned a reputation for being extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous!

’The galaxy is a great wide adventure waiting to happen; you just need to be willing to explore it’ is a bit of a personal motto for her. Living life to the fullest with a child-like wonder and inquisitiveness but leveled off with the discipline of being an adult with a sufficient scientific education. Overall, she is approachable and a warm hearted individual who enjoys curling up with a good book yet thrives on social interactions with others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Quick thinker
Energetic and self-motivated
Holds her ground

Difficulty focusing
Can be aloof
Ambitions The quest for knowledge is always the driving force for Izzy. She wants to encounter puzzles and mysteries so that she can solve them because challenges are exciting for her. Career wise, she has practically everything she could have ever wanted. The Warbler is her ship and she is very much in command. Flight itinerary is often at her discretion as she constructs a curriculum to pair with it.
Hobbies & Interests Outdoor camping
Bird watching
Rock climbing

Personal History From the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Izzy is an Earth girl through and through, but her mother's side of the family are from the planet Betazed. As a half-Betazoid, she has some abilities that she's had to get used to. An empath, Izzy can sense someone's emotional state within a certain radius, particularly those of strong emotions or individuals that aren't very guarded. Though she does not view it as a 'gift' or anything special, usually brushing it off as good intuition.

At thirty seven years old, Izzy has been with Starfleet her whole adult life, being accepted to the Axademy just shy if her eighteenth birthday. Naturally, she was on the scientific track as she was always a very inquisitive child. She never found bugs icky or getting dirty as a problem. She spent summers as a child with her 'Bubbe' Millie.

As a cadet, Izzy prepared herself to be an effective future science officer. She studied a variety of aspects of science with a particular interest in Cultural Anthropology, but it was Biology that spoke to her the loudest. Decent with Plant Biology yet better with Animal Biology, Izzy continued devoting herself to her studies and rising up yo the ninety first percentile in her graduating class. This was quite an accomplishment and had earned her magna cum laude recognition.

Her first posting was the Federation Outpost Gladikas on the planet Kazar. There, she worked closely with Federation Scientists and the Kazarite population. There, she picked up a lot of knowledge and the Kazarites helped her embrace her 'intuition" more than she had previously in particular towards animal life.

The years following her posting on Kazar had seen her through a handful of starships as a science officer. She took an academic request leave of absence to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. There, she earned a graduate level degree in Zoology. It had taken her away from starfleet service for a couple of years.

When she returned to active Starfleet service, Izzy was eased back in by sending her to a remote assignment: Bellwether Station, a tiny Federation Communications Relay Station near Ferengi space. The station was under the command of a Bolian Starfleet officer. Overtime, he became a friend to her and encouraged her.