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Lieutenant Skye MacLeod

Name Skye MacLeod

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex Female
Age 32
Species Betazoid/Carennian

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 122
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Skye is slim, but still curvaceous enough to look like a woman. Something she despised when she was in her early teens.
Now, she is happier in her own skin, but she still tends to minimize her looks by wearing dark colors and simple clothes -- more out of a lifetime of needing to be unnoticed than anything else. She likes to wear blouses and vests whenever possible.
She's starting to come out of her shell, but she is still shy around new people and still tends to be more of an observer.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview It's hard for Skye to trust people, but when she does, she is warm and friendly. But to strangers she seems aloof and introverted.
She cares about people, sometimes far more than she should and so opens herself up to being hurt. She is very good at pretending otherwise, unless someone knows her well.
She loves the woods and being outdoors where she feels the most at home. Sometimes, if she's not busy working she can get claustrophobic.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent, caring, empathetic, cautious, often finds unorthodox solutions to problems.
Good with computers, gathering information and survival.
Has street smarts. Knows how to survive on the streets and in the wild. Excellent with a knife.
Picks up accents and languages easily.

Doesn't trust easily, introverted at times, doesn't always respect authority, has been known to bend the rules to get something done.

Has a Robin Hood Complex.
Ambitions Stability. Love, but she doubts that anyone would care for her once they know about her past.
Hobbies & Interests Legerdemain, mostly up-close magic like card tricks, coin tricks, making things appear and disappear, picking pockets. Can escape from ropes and wrist bindings.
Woodcarving, chess, games of skill.
Games of chance (although she never bets what she can't afford to lose).
Good at appraising the value of an item.
Lock picking, computer hacking/programming.

Languages Spoken:
Standard, Carennian, Vulcan, Romulan, Orion, Bajoran, Betazoid. Reads a number of dead languages, including hieroglyphics.

Personal History Skye does not know where she was born or who her parents were. She has vague memories of a man and a woman who smiled a lot and called her "Skye," but she was very small when she was left alone to fend for herself. She was taken in by a gang of kids who lived on the streets of Serenity, the capital city of Carenna III. They taught her how to survive, how to pick pockets, how to steal and later, how to use a computer to get information and to program it. She found she had a knack for computers and their language and was usually the one sent to break into a computer to get information on government policies, where it was safe to life and got the others credits to buy food and clothing.

One of the older boys taught her how to be a street magician and she would often get money from her "tricks." As she grew into her preteens she preferred this to stealing, although she kept up on her pickpocketing, but only to impress tourists. She also found that she could tell what other people were thinking and she would use this to help her get more money from passersby.

When she was fourteen, the government decided to join the Federation and created a task force to round up all the street orphans and lock them up because it would hinder their chances at getting accepted.

Those who caused trouble and were known to thieves were thrown in jail. Others were sent into the fields to do manual labor. Others were sent to work in factories or to wash dishes.

At first Skye was put with the boys as she always wore baggy paints and over-sized shirts to hide her gender, but when she refused to shower with the other boys and tried to run away, the officials quickly shuffled her off to be with the girls.

Skye was put to work cleaning rooms at a hotel in Serenity, a job she hated, but it exposed her to people of other planets and to knowledge of other worlds. As she knew how to read, she would often spend her breaks devouring anything she could get her hands on to learn more.

She was fascinated with the stories she read and heard about other planets and she yearned to get away from her home.

One day she was caught reading on a break and accused of stealing the PADD. Her avowals that she'd found it laying on a table were brushed off and she was sent to jail. It was only when the owner of the PADD, a diplomat with Starfleet who was there as part of the peace talks insisted that the PADD was misplaced, not stolen, was Skye released.

The woman became curious about the young girl known only as Skye and began to ask questions. But, because the government refused to give her answers, she was left feeling that there was something seriously wrong.

The woman began to leave things for Skye in her room. PADDs filled with history, literature, science and math. Skye quickly caught on that the woman was helping her and slowly began to open up to the woman, who called herself Olana MacLeod, a Starfleet Diplomat. Over time, Skye began to tell Olana about growing up a street orphan and what happened when the Federation arrived.

When word got back to the government officials, they arrested Skye for stealing and threw her in jail. Then they ordered Olana to leave or be arrested for sedition and slander. They showed Olana falsified documents that would not only land the woman in jail it would cost her her career.

So she chose to leave. But before she did, she went to the jail for one last visit with Skye. She handed hte girl a small chit and told her if she ever got off the planet to look her up.

Skye took this as a sign and, that night when everyone was asleep, broke out of the jail, found Olana's ship and stowed away.

After two days hiding on the ship, Skye found Olana, who took her in and helped her learn how to function in the Federation. She enrolled Skye in online courses so that she could also get her education. The idea was strange to her, who at first had a hard time understanding why she had to prove she knew something just to be told she had to learn even more. But slowly, she found that she wanted to learn, and found herself doing more than was required because she enjoyed learning.

A trip to sickbay confirmed that Skye was half Betazoid, so Olana found a couple to teach skye how to control her ability to read minds and how to block others from reading her thoughts.
It took two years for Skye to learn enough to pass the tests necessary to get a basic education certification. While she studied, she continued to learn about computers, languages, cultures, and the history of a number of species in the Federation.

Skye found it easy to learn languages and soon began to study history and culture in the native language of that species. She also began to take university courses to help her in her learning.

At nineteen she had a degree in history, linguistics and computer science. But it wasn't enough for Skye. She wanted to learn more. So Olana helped her join Starfleet.

Skye took her knowledge and her love of learning and applied herself to her new studies. She'd spent several years traveling with Olana as her assistant, but the Academy helped her to find out who she really was and what she wanted to be.

Olana was there when Skye graduated in science and computers, but shortly after Skye got her first assignment, Olana was killed when a rebel faction attacked the diplomatic team sent to help broker peace.

Alone again, Skye works hard and has a tendency to help others the same way Olana helped her.
Service Record Graduated from Starfleet AcademyScience Officer, USS Tripoli
Science Officer, USS Triskellion
Linguist, Historian and Computer Specialist, USS Astra
Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Cadiz
Chief Science Officer, USS Antares
Chief Science Officer, Bellwether Station