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Lieutenant JG Katsumi Tanaka

Name Katsumi Sakura Tanaka MD

Position Former Crew

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex Female
Sexual Orientation asexual
Age 27
Species Betazoid

Physical Appearance

Height 5"11
Weight 194 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Katsumi is tall and has an average curvy figure. She has long hair that rests just past her shoulder and a regal face. She carries herself like a Vulcan most of the time and tries to manage her motions for prime efficiency. She is usually in uniform and a lab coat but in off hours she wears jeans and sweatshirts.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Veldor Eron
Mother Alara Eron
Brother(s) Dogen Eron,
Henry Eron
Aino Eron
Sister(s) Sarina Eron
Galia Eron
Other Family God Father on Earth -- Kereshi Tanaka
God Mother on Earth -- Aiko Tanak

Personality & Traits

General Overview Katsumi is an odd duck. She is quiet, soft spoken, has a great deal of empathy but is not a social butterfly. She has trouble talking to people, the conversation is great in her head but out loud not so much unless its work related. She tends to talk over people not in a mean dismissive way but gets way too excited. She had issues with eye contact, it seems almost physically painful for her. She doesn’t do well in non-work-related social situations. She likes to keep to herself in private life to read and to pursue her hobbies.

Katsumi yearns to connect to others but is afraid to trust. She’s always taken care of her own emotional needs and has a deep fear of trusting others. She is very much a lone wolf and often feels like she is on the outside looking in.

She is organized, detail oriented, and works until the job is done. A bit of a germaphobe she will clean and sanitize everything before she is comfortable interacting with it. In her mind she had the person that she wants to be but is unsure and doesn’t know if she can ever become that.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths and Weaknesses:

As per evaluations by Academy staff

+ Medical knowledge is intense and spooky good
+ Dedicated
+ Loyal
+ Hard working
+ Driven
+ Detail Oriented
+ Meticulous
+ Organized
+ Intelligent
+ Thinks outside the box
+ Strong empathy readings
+ The ability to almost sense the body even though she does not possess the standard Betazoid senses
+ Excellent memory

^ Hard on herself
^ Takes things personally even though she know she shouldn’t
^ Not very good in Social situations
^ Soft spoken and her writing communication is a lot better then verbal
^ A day dreamer at times
^ Afraid to connect to people on a personal level
^ Not trusting
^ Shy
^ Tends to talk too much when she does get comfortable
^ Overshares information
^ No Telepathy and Empathic senses (at least not in the usual way)
^ Anxiety
Ambitions To become the best CMO that she can be. To learn how to better relate to her patients and to find her true self and feel, for once in her life, like she belonged and wasn't an alien in the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to read and paint. She is a photographer who loves to spend off time on the holodeck taking pictures or just exploring historical or art related programs.

She loves chocolate and cake a little too much but tries to curb things. She is very into details and the culture of her godparents Japan Earth.

She loves Cherry Blossom tea

She loves to stare out at the stars.

Personal History History – Early years

Katsumi was born on Betazed as Ayara Eron. She was the youngest child of six. She was the last born and the unexpected one. Her parents were done having children when they learned that they were pregnant with her.

She was born in the midst of the great storm, a bad omen according to the priests and priestesses of Betazed, especially when born to those within the third house a house that was responsible for diplomacy and government.

Early on it was discovered that Katsumi was not your average Betazoid. She was born without telepathic ability nor did she hold empathic senses, at least not in the usual way. Her senses were such that she could scan the body and tell if someone was sick and where the sickness was.

Her parents were horrified that she didn’t have sense and as such she was treated by her family as an outcast. While the other children enjoyed the attention and devotion of the parents Katsumi was raised by a series of nannies that would last no more than a year.

As such she grew up learning that she could only depend on herself. Despite what her family called a handicap she was expected to go into diplomacy.

At first Katsumi studied hard and was constantly the top of her class but her family would always find some deficiency even in that. Soon she shut down, she learned that she could never be good enough, a startling and painful revelation. In addition to that she had trouble making friend and socializing and often found that she never understood the rules of friendship nor the logic in things. That was one trait that seemed almost Vulcan like. She’d always need the why and the logic of situations.

It was just at the time of high school where Katsumi found that she had a gift that not many possessed. When on a school trip a class mate fell and broke her leg. Katsumi was able to find where the brake was as she touched the spot it began to heal a little. She had a healing touch, nothing major just a way to heal tissue a little.

Frightened by this ability she pushed it down and swore never to use it but decided that she wanted to go into healing. When she told her family a long fight ensued where she was called a traitor and a letdown. Heartbroken she retreated to her room and in a fit of anger she packed her things and ran away.

Stowing away on a ship bound for Earth she made her way to find Kereshi Tanaka, family friend, and God Father to her. She was also a Starfleet officer.

Kereshi and his wife were shocked to see that she’d made it all the way to Earth by herself and even more shocked to find that her family had not even missed her in the days that she was gone. What angered Kereshi was when her own father told Kereshi to keep her or send her to an orphanage as the family was better off without her.

Kereshi and his wife, unable to have kids of their own, took her to live with them. They saw her through high school, and eventually into the Academy.

History – Japan, Earth

Kereshi and his wife Aniko figured out that Katsumi needed a fresh start and she embraced it. She changed her name from Ayara Eron to Katsumi S. Tanaka and took on the name of her new family. She began to thrive and while still maintaining her personality and quirks her anxiety eased and she began to blossom and change.

Kereshi and Aniko worked with her daily and she began to learn how to overcome obstacles and challenges and even was able to make a few friends. The years passed quickly and with Kereshi’s help she entered the Academy the Okinawa campus, and studied Medical Sciences.

She was top of her class and head of the archery and swimming team. She also developed a fondness for photography and started the campuses first photography club. The transformation in Katsumi was huge and with her proud God parents looking on she graduated the Academy on the Medical track and entered the Starfleet medical going onto specialize in Frontier medicine and surgical intervention.

In the third year of Starfleet Medical she was sent on the typical Cadet Orientation where she had to serve six months on a ship. It was there that she shone in her work. When the ship was unexpectedly attacked by a Romulan cruiser and most of the medical team was trapped in sickbay she was the mobile medic. She had been on the bridge delivering a data PaDD when she found herself thrust in the thick. She managed to care for the bridge crew and when they were stable began making her way through J tubes to lower decks, thankfully it was a small ship.

Her bravery and quick thinking earned her a field medic commendation and she returned to the academy a bit of a hero. She felt overwhelmed by all the attention and vowed never to serve on a ship again praying for a setting that was distant and remote and very small.

Through her entire program she maintained her grades and graduated in the top 3% of her class. Upon graduation she was given a pick of postings and she saw a small station that seemed perfect. She applied and with the help of several recommendations and Tanaka, a Vice Admiral, himself she got her pick and began packing up for her new adventure. She swore that when she was there she would work on herself and try to be the person that she had always wanted.

Interesting Fact:

Sakura = Cherry Blossom
Katsumi - Victorious Beauty
Tanaka - Dweller

(Sute = Forsaken / Foundling)
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Medical Track
Starfleet Medical - 4 years Specialization Frontier Medicine and Surgical Intervention.
Year Three - Served 6 months on the USS Firestone

Bellwether is her first official posting