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Lieutenant JG Tilo Riehl

Name Tilo Riehl

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex Male
Sexual Orientation pansexual
Age 32
Species Trill (Unjoined)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 193lbs
Hair Color Blue-black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Short and burly, Tilo is built like a bouncer and knows how to use it. He takes pride in his appearance, and dyes his hair a signature blue-black colour that he claims makes his eyes ‘pop just right’.

His fingers are surprisingly nimble for his ham-hock hands and can perform surprisingly intricate work when needed.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Estel
Mother Mirat
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview A cheerful and outgoing person, Tilo fits in with most crowds. He has a wide range of interests and isn’t afraid of talking about them.

He’s also especially fond of listening to other people’s stories and will gladly listen to what they relate, even at the expense of his own tales.
Strengths & Weaknesses + - Physically strong – enjoying Greco-Roman wrestling and weightlifting, Riehl is literally strong, spending much of his free time looking after his physical health and fitness.

+ - Comms enthusiast – although only a secondary task in his job, Riehl enjoys the comms aspect of his work and spends a good few hours a week keeping abreast of the latest developments and techniques in the field which is really more dynamic than most people think.

+/- - Security trained – adept and keen with his job, Riehl takes great pride in the fact he is good at what he does, and seldom takes criticism well.

+/- - Unjoined – as an Unjoined Trill, Riehl doesn’t have several lifetimes to draw on, relying instead on his own wits to forge his way in the galaxy. He is ambivalent about the Joining in any case.

- Temper – Can lose his temper if sufficiently provoked or frustrated.
Ambitions Riehl would like to see out his service until he hits pension age, and then return to Trill. He has an eye on a farm on the Northern continent where he’ll be able to live of the land in his retirement.
Hobbies & Interests Weightlifting, wrestling and comms developments take up a lot of his time. In quieter moments, he enjoys reading a book or watching a film on his PADD.

Personal History Tilo Riehl was born at an auspicious moment in the Trill year, destined for great things.

Or so the remaining vestiges of Trill’s religion stated. Riehl himself never was really that special. He was born to an average family working average jobs on the Trill homeworld. At school he was marked out for his distinct averageness in all but two fields, sports, and communications.

As he grew up, Riehl became interested in wrestling and HAM radios that some Starfleet personnel gifted to the school. They were ancient, with very little practical use in an age of instant subspace comms, but the child enjoyed them and would spend hours tinkering in the local club.

He grew up a popular kid, too unthreatening to be marked out as a rival by anyone else and had a non-descript, average childhood with his family which he now reflects he enjoyed.
The Dominion War focussed his mind on what the future could hold. Seeing holos of Starfleet valiantly defending the Quadrant against Cardassian and Dominion aggression inspired him, and he quietly resolved that one day, he would apply to Starfleet.
His opportunity came quicker than expected.

Following the end of the war in 2377, Starfleet began an aggressive recruitment campaign to recover the losses in personnel suffered during the war. This would carry on into the early 2380s, and Riehl clearly benefited from the program.

Although an average student at best, upon graduation and application to the Academy, Riehl was accepted. An Academy mentor would casually remark it was his physical ability and unexpected skill at using comms devices that swung it. That, and his methodical puzzling out of problems.

Accepted to one of the Academy satellite campuses, Riehl was sent to Betazed, and soon opted to specialise in Security, finding it fit his skillset perfectly. He also opted to take a minor in Subspace communications, finding it an enjoyable pastime – his local club had allowed him to take a HAM with him when he left, as a gift.

He quickly found himself with a firm circle of friends, and settled down to an unremarkable, if enjoyable Academy life. Being a cadet was an ideal world for him – just enough responsibility with just enough oversight to keep him on the straight and narrow.

The Trill graduated in the middle of his class. His cadet year was spent aboard an ageing Miranda-class vessel, the Vantage which spent most of its time ferrying self-sealing stem bolts across the Federation to where they were most in need.

He was first assigned to the Centaur-class USS Sacajawea upon graduation. It was a fairly non-descript job, with Riehl being tasked with patrolling the ship and ensuring she was secure. As the destroyer spent most of its time patrolling Federation space between Betazed and the Klingon border, there was very little action to see.

Riehl occupied his time by going to the gym, making new friends, and fantasizing about the latest portable radio communicators he could get from the quarterly magazine he was subscribed to. His first tour passed relatively quickly, and he was soon assigned to a new vessel.

His second assignment was to the far larger Galaxy-class USS ,i>Eidolon, tasked with patrolling the Tzenkethi and Talarian borders. The assignment was far more challenging, involving multiple incidents where Tzenkethi raiders would buzz the Eidolon for days at a time, taxing her crew to the limits. Riehl found it a struggle, but discovered a natural resilience within himself and found a well of gallows humour that shocked his friends.

As the Eidolon moved away from the Tzenkethi border, the incidents grew less, and the rest of the tour proved to be much gentler as the Eidolon was shifted to patrolling the re-established Cardassian border.

At the end of the tour, the crew of the Eidolon was largely split up. Riehl found himself assigned to a small, insignificant relay station.
Service Record 2381-83- Cadet, Betazed Academy Annexe
2384-85 - Cadet Cruise, USS Vantage
2385-88 - Security Officer, Ensign, USS Sacajawea
2389-92 - Security Officer, Ensign, USS Eidolon
2393-95 - Security Officer, Lieutenant (JG), USS Eidolon
2395-Pres - Security officer, Lieutenant (JG), Bellwether Station