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Back to Hell

Posted on Fri Aug 5th, 2022 @ 7:35am by Gypsy Midnight

850 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Ninety-Nine Bottles of Swill
Location: In Space
Timeline: Current


Gypsy leaned back in her chair. She was making a run to the Deltan planet. She groaned. The run would be fine if they didn’t have to stop at Betazed or as she called it Hell.

She ran her hands through her short brown hair and her blue eyes blazed in the light of the lamp on her desk. She would much rather be on Orion or even the Klingon Home world.

She sighed. “Guess I have no choice,” She muttered as she stood and rounded her desk. She came to the small bridge and was heartened to see her small crew working away. She walked around looking over shoulders and checking equipment, she was still hands on, an annoyance to some crew but they were paid well enough to keep their mouth shut.

She wondered I their guest was feeling at home in the brig. Gypsy sneered as she recalled the capture that would pay her and her crew handsomely. A bounty from the Deltan home world that would have made a Ferengi drool.

“Hanson, the brig secured?”

“Yes ma’am. Just checked on him.”

“Good. How long until we reach the Deltan system?”

“Three point seven hours.”

She sighed, not fast enough as far as she was concerned. “Going to head to my bunk. Call me when we’re thirty minutes away.”

He gave a nod.

She hurried off the bridge and took the ladder down to the lower deck so that she could burn off some energy. Her mind, these days, tended to wander to the Belle and a certain doctor ice queen.

She grinned as she imputed her code and added her palm print that would open her quarters. She entered taking off and tossing her leather jacket on the chair to the left. She continued to strip on her way to the shower. She still smelled like the gawd awful dust Alpha Soret IV, the planet they’d just found their bounty on.

He'd been a handful and while the ship medic had healed her broken rib she still hurt and the bruises showed. The takedown had been a rough one but they had gotten their bounty and now they would get their reward on Delta.

Then off to Betazed, to refuel and pick up new supplies. She also had to see the head of Betazed security. They had a bounty too that would, again pay handsomely.

She stepped under the shower letting it wash away the dust. She had insisted on water showers and the ship was small enough to allow for that. She sighed as the how water worked its magic on her muscles. Her mind wandered to her family. She would be home again. She loved her family but they were stifling and her father never failed to let on how disappointed he was that she’d never finished Starfleet Academy.

Her brothers had said that their parents had made up some story about what she actually did like they were ashamed of her being a bounty hunter. That part never failed to get her upset but what could she do. There was nothing that she could say to show them that she was happy.

The other point of contention was her bedmate preference. It was something they chose to ignore and when it was brought up her mother always faked being unwell.

How could she feel comfortable in a family that didn’t accept who she was and what she did? Not stopping by would be even more of an argument so she had to go.

She slammed her hand on water shut off and toweled off. Padding through the room she slipped into a new pair of jeans and a t shirt. She wanted to sleep but her mind was busy and how she usually handled that was a book.

She picked up the latest thriller she was reading and settled back on her sofa to read. By the second paragraph she closed the book and tossed it on the small table with disgust.

Her mind was not into reading and the gym, with her soar body, wasn’t an option. She settled back staring at the small window across the sofa. She let the flying stars lull her into a temporary peace.

She sighed. This was going to be a long trip but maybe she would drop in on her Bolian friend and the ice queen doctor. She grinned as her mind went to the woman who’d stared in some pretty interesting dreams. She wondered what the doc was doing now.

Sitting up she decided to call on her friend in Starfleet. She needed some info; in that instant she made the decision to woo the good doctor and that involved knowing more about her.

She would make the call from her ready room. Grabbing her jacket she headed back to the bridge, this time there was a spring in her step and the soreness faded away. She had an interesting mission ahead. Get to know the doc and maybe win the woman’s heart.



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