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Popping up to say hello

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2024 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Brott & Gypsy Midnight

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Mission: Spiders of Sarastus VII


Gypsy's journey had been long and rough. There was nothing that could make the tiredness go away accept for a visit to the station and maybe, just maybe, a sickbay visit and a chat with the very pretty Tanaka.

"This is the Destiny calling Bellweather Station. Come in Brotty." They grinned as they thought of the happy Brott. That man always made them smile.

Brott was standing behind the Ops console when comm traffic came through. The Destiny was a ship that he knew well and the voice of its Captain was as recognizable as the back of his hand. "Bellwether reading you clearly, Destiny. You aren't on my itinerary, Gypsy" commented Brott who chuckled.

"Always a surprise with you" he said though genuinely pleased to hear her voice. "What brings you back this way already?"

"Well...lots of things." They grinned. "Elgen silk shirts in your size being one of them."

Brott chuckled. "I'm surprised you found one in triple X Fabulous" the Bolian replied. "You know that you are welcome here any time. Traffic may be a bit busy here today."

They waived their hand. "I won't stay long. Just dropping off your silk and hoping to get a patch job for a crew member. One of my panel's fizzed and he was hurt. Hoping doc Tanaka can patch him up....and between you and me hoping to ask her out again. Third time's the charm, right?"

Heartbreaking he thought and clenched his chest with one hand and placed the back of his other across his temple. "Oh poor unfortunate soul," he said and groaned. "Gypsy, Tanaka isn't here any more. She left us, sweetheart. We've been ghosted."

"I don't know if I should laugh at your word choice or cry." They really didn't "What do you mean left? Vacation?"

"No, Gypsy. Gone" he reiterated. "She is no longer part of my crew. She decided to leave early, request transfer to somewhere more suitable to her liking. We have a new physician now."

Their face fell. "Well"

"My heart breaks every single time one if them leaves," admitted Brott. "Sure, I have had some that I did not get that close with. Some stay for months, some less. It does not change the feeling of loss each and every time." He smiled trying to fend off the tears that were mounting against him.

He took a deep breath. "I understand why some Captains put a professional barrier up between them and their crew. They have to be prepared for extreme losses, crewmembers dying in the line of duty. Bellwether is not without its risks, but I've only ever lost three crew that way. I'm very fortunate in that regard."

Still, he felt loss. "What I struggle with is them coming and getting used to their presence. Then, whether it be requesting a transfer or time for reassignment, off they go just when I was starting to truly get to know them."

Gypsy smiled. "I can understand that." There was a pause. "Every relationship whether it's a friendship, a co working relationship or family leaves an imprint. Attachment is a risk but without it we become isolated and lonely." They smiled. "You know what your problem is Brotty?"

"That I have a big ol Bolian heart and attachment issues," he replied with a bit of a chuckle. "I'm not sure. We haven't had an actual counselor aboard the Bellwether in a very long time, not under my command."

Gypsy laughed. "Actually that is what I was going to say. To be honest most Starfleet doctors do have counseling there. I knew of one once. I was helping on a Starfleet colony and her ship was there. Scared the living snot out of me. A woman a Trill named Himri...Hamri not sure but last name Kai. I swear you won't know if you went with a problem or came out with one." Gypsy shuddered. "Hope I never meet the woman again."

"Run," replied Brott. "Hurry. Take your ship and lay in a course for Deep Space Nine" he said with a laugh. "That's who came here as Katsumi's replacement."

Gypsy paled. "You're kidding me? Tell me you're kidding me!"

He smiled. "Come stop by and give me my gifts. You can get a physical while you are here. We're handing them out like candy."

"No thanks. I'll go to Klingon Witch doctor before I see that woman. BUT I will be there shortly so that my crew member can be mended and to bring you the silk shirts. You bring the coffee."

"No witchcraft to those Klingon doctors," Brott replied with a chuckle. "Trust me, I've met one or two in my time. It's all about the glorious death with them. Hack and patch. Injured limb? They will take it off with a laser scalpel if you are lucky. If not, bat'leth. Then throw you back into the battlefield."

They laughed. "True enough. I'll see you soon then."



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