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Hello, Goodbye

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2024 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant JG Katsumi Tanaka MD & Lieutenant Commander Brott

1,185 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Spiders of Sarastus VII
Location: Brott's Office
Timeline: Current


Tanaka hurried to the CO's office. She had a jump in her step for the first time in a long time. She rang the chime and slightly bounced with excitement before she caught herself and schooled her features.

Brott was at his desk and looked up when the chime rang. It nearly startled him. He had contemplated disabling the thing all together and just keeping the doorway to his office opened at all times, but he would have his ear chewed off by admiralty if a random inspection occurred. Something something something security.

"Doctor!" He exclaimed excitedly. "Come on in. Come Come. Have a seat, may I get us some tea?" He asked with a broad warm smile. Brott loved having the sour puss physician aboard the station. She kept him on his toes.

"No, no tea. I am afraid I have some news. Perhaps good perhaps bad depending on what one sees it as." She had began speaking as she walked across the tiny office. She sat down and studied broth in silence. "Very well, perhaps tea."

Brott let out a heavy sigh as he walked over towards the replicator and placed his order for two cups of tea, an herbal blend that he was particularly fond of. About one thing that his ex had left him with that lingered, an appreciation for that particular tea. "You are leaving the station," Brott said carrying the two cups back over towards his desk and placed the two cups down, one where he was seated and the other where Katsumi was.

He smiled wryly. "Don't worry, I didn't invade your privacy, not this time at least" he said teasingly. "You don't get to be here on Bellwether all these years that I have been without knowing that look someone has on their face when they are trying to butter you up before delivering the news."

She raised an eyebrow. "I hold no butter, I can assure you." She paused. "And yes, I am leaving. I have been offered a position on Vulcan."

"Correction my dear Doctor," Brott prefaced. "You were offered a position on Vulcan which you accepted," he countered. "I get offered positions once in a while, I turn them down. It has become a point where I don't get offered much anymore."

He offered an expression of sympathy. "You could have turned it down, but you did not. I do not blame you though. This station is my home and the crew that have been here have all been like family to me, but you don't enjoy being here."

She gave a nod. "I cannot be around so many people. I have to have my own space, here I cannot. This ... station is for me but not the roommates." She sighed. "I have, however, spoken with a friend of mine. She is more suited to here. She has asked for a transfer."

Brott was usually a happy and chipper soul, but not so much in this moment. "You could have slept in the shuttle, you could have taken my quarters. I would have been flexible. I could have found a solution, Doctor" he wanted to beg and plead for her to stay, but what was done had been done. She was already slated to be going off to Vulcan. "I'll need a physician with you gone, and being last minute I will have no real option except to welcome her here."

"She helped train me." She passed on a data padd with the woman's file. "Lieutenant Himari Kai is one of the best. I can only aspire to be as good as she is. She is a friend, one of few I have." She paused. "Distance is...but a video call away. Should you ever wish to speak to me...I am a call away."

"It won't be the same, Kat" he said using a portion of her name in an endearing way. "We may not have spent all that much time together, but there's never been a Doctor here like you. I don't know if there ever will be. She won't be you."

"No, she will be better. I have no doubt that you can bring her round." She slid a paper in front of him. "Should you ever find yourself on Vulcan. There will always be a room for you."

"And should you hate it on Vulcan, there will be a place here" he said to her. "Really though? Vulcan. Of all the fabulous places you could end up...Vulcan. The heat, the volcanic ash, the drab fashion."

"Heaven." She said raising an amused eyebrow. "Logic, no roommates, large open spaces, silence in a crowd. Perfect." She stopped and pursed her lips. "Perhaps lacking one thing."

"Operatic performances at the wee hours of the morning from yours truly," he said with a smile. "That's what subspace communications are for, and fancy that. Lady luck has French kissed you. A Federation Communication Relay Station."

"Hmmm. I was going to say something else but we shall leave it at that." She sighed. "If you choose to accept Dr. Kai she can be here in twelve hours."

"What choice do I have?" He scoffed and chuckled. "Aside from unleashing some sort of pathogen to force lock down procedures, I cannot keep you here."

"I shall visit. I will now have two friends on this station."

Brott smiled. "Alright, clear out your belongings. Pack up. I have a busy station to run" he teased. "I will want to meet this Doctor friend of yours."

"She'll be here in twelve hours." There was a short pause. "I should make you aware of something."

"Nope," he said shaking his head and holding up a blue digit "Don't say a word. I want to be surprised."

"Well then I will leave you with one final note about Kai. She needs a friend more then ever. She is...not herself and i think you just the right person to bring her true self out."

Brott was not sure what that meant entirely, but he was ready for it. "I do bring out the best in people" he said with a smile.

"That is why I believe you are the right person for the job." She stood. "Well I should go, the transport leaves tonight for me and your new doctor will be here in the morning....until then you may have to play the nurse. I have left a little gift for you in sickbay."

Brott stood as well and opened his arms wide. "One last hug before you go?"

She studied him. "Very well. I shall attempt one." She stepped into his arms and awkwardly wrapped her arms around him. Oddly finding it not so awkward anymore but genuine and comforting.

He embraced the physician and then released her from his grasp. "Thank you for your time and service here, Doctor."

She gave a nod. "Live long and prosper....and avoid Brahms with your new physician...unless you like the cold kiss of space."

"Live long and prosper, Doctor, wherever you go among the stars."



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