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Call to Action

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2024 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant Himari Kai, MD & Lieutenant JG Katsumi Tanaka MD

889 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Spiders of Sarastus VII
Location: Over Subspace
Timeline: One Month Ago


Himari lay on her sofa staring out the window. Somehow the darkness swirling around outside dotted by the twinkling lights was comforting to her. The night sky was a balm and companion to her dark mood.

Himari had just worked a double shift in sickbay and had come home and collapsed face first into the sofa managing to turn only enough to stare out the window. Her hand hung limp off the sofa and she felt the soft head of Milli but against her palm. When she didn’t react she felt a paw swat the hand. “Hey Millie.” She said reacting and petting the cat’s head. She turned her face down to her little Bengal cat, having been drawn to the kitten because it had spots like Himari herself. She had looked like a little cheetah and Himari had fallen in love with the kitten right away.

“Let’s get you some food.” She pushed herself off the sofa with great effort and walked over to the replicator.

She sighed before she ordered. “Feline supplement 227 and a side dish of lettuce three leaves.”

It was Milli’s favourite. For some reason she ate nothing without salad. It was an endearing quality. She set the food down and watched while Millie gobbled it up. She had been about to return to her sofa when the coms chimed.

“Bridge to Doctor Kai.”

She sighed again, “Go ahead.”

“Coms coming in for you from Bellwether station.”

She smiled. “Put it through.” She hurried over to the coms station, showing more life. She sat down and watched as the Starfleet insignia switched into a familiar face. “Sumi! How are you?”

She watched her friend watch her.

“Kai you have an expressive face. I can tell by your eyes that you are smiling but not truly. I take it your mood has not lifted?”

She felt her shoulders fall. “I see that this is a call to make sure I haven’t spiraled into insanity.”

“That is not why I called. You are a strong person with life times behind you and you are a counsellor too.” There was a pause and her friend shrugged. “Besides you would seek help before you spiralled, I know this. You are in a funk that you cannot shake and that is precisely why I have called. I may have a solution to your state of being.”

Kai raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“I have applied to a position on Vulcan, I believe I will get it and even if I do not I am leaving Bellweather….it is too crowded.”

“You only have what a few crew members?”

“Yes but I have roommates.”

Kai laughed out loud. “Oh dear. I remember you having a similar situation here when you were on the Firestone…it took us months to figure out you were sleeping in a J-tube that was out of use.”

“Yes the thought had crossed my mind here but as CMO of the station it would not be right.”

Kai chuckled. “Well. So you’re going away what does that have to do with me.”

“We both agreed the last time we spoke that you needed some time to figure out who Himari is rather then Kai. I think that this station, and for that matter, this CO is the key. I think that it is quiet enough for you to find yourself and perhaps take some time to just exist and do some true frontier medicine.”

Kai started at her so long. “I’m not sure.”

“I am. As a doctor and a counselor and your friend I think you should try it. I do not think you are falling pray to previous hosts with your love of medicine. I do, however, think that your rather…sudden and accidental joining has made it difficult to learn yourself apart from the Kai symbiont. I have spoken with several Trill doctors.” She held up her hand. “In secret of course. There are things that can be done on Trill but I think you would benefit more from being here.”

She studied her. “You know I could use a quieter place.”

“Good. I’ve taken the liberty of drawing up your transfer request and all you must do is send it in.”

Kai’s eyes widened. “Wait now, doesn’t the CO have to accept me?”

“I shall take care of that. Just send it in.”

“What about my CO here and the doctor.”

“I have taken care of it.”

“Okay that’s just creepy.”

“No it’s efficient Kai. Send the documents through I am forwarding them now.”

She sighed. “Well I hope he likes cats.”

Katsumi’s lips twisted up. “I would say either option is good. Just be warned. He does…sing.”

Kai laughed. “You’re mentioned that a time or two. Sounds like a fascinating character.”

“Indeed. I shall see you on Vulcan for our annual vacation. Until then. I will probably be gone when you arrive.”

“It will take me a month to get out there.”

“Then send the documents in and hurry up. I will stay until I can. We shall speak soon.” Katsumi ended the coms.

Kai watched the Starfleet emblem come back and turned to Milli who had looked up with interest. “I guess we’re moving.”



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