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Return Exam

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2024 @ 2:20am by Lieutenant Himari Kai, MD & Lieutenant JG Tilo Riehl

947 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Spiders of Sarastus VII
Location: Sickbay, Station Bellwether
Timeline: Current


Himari Kai stood in the middle of her sickbay. Tanaka had said it was small but it was enough. She had not yet fully looked around but knowing who the previous CMO here was she knew pretty much were things were.

Sighing she slipped into her blue lab coat and sat down at a small info panel to write down some changes that she wanted to make.

Walking in through the sickbay doors, Riehl made sure to rap on a bulkhead to signal he was coming in. 'Doctor, you got a minute?' he called out as he saw her sat and crouched at a workstation.

Kai stood up. She grinned. "I always have a minute." She walked over. "Well! My first patient. And no you are not seeing things. I am not the dour Dr. Tanaka. Doctor Himari Kai," she said. "I'm the new CMO. And you are?"

'Tilo Riehl,' he smiled in return, 'Security and Comms are my specialty. Tanaka transferred off?'

She gave a nod. "Off to Vulcan...Cold people on a hot planet." She slapped the bio bed. "Well up we go. Tell me what troubles you my Sec Coms friend. I promise pain will be at a maximum...wait...minimum is the smaller one right." She gave a wink.

'Don't go making promises you can't keep now,' Riehl chuckled as he got on the bio bed. 'It's probably nothing major to be honest ... but we have just gotten back from a Ferengi manufacturing world and, well ... let's just say their concept of health and safety is not quite Federation standard.'

She laughed. "Oh don't I know it." She turned around and picked up a tricorder while engaging the display of the bio bed. "First we make sure there are no stowaways. Especially since you came back from the Ferengi home world. There are some nasty little ones that can...well I won't go into detail. Just tell you didn't drink the water there."

'Not deliberately,' Riehl pulled a face, 'I object to my water having bits in my water. There may have been some splash back when were on our jolly, though.'

She sighed. "Better give you a few shots then." She loaded the hypo and pressed it to his neck. "I'm going to run a detailed scan."

'That never sounds ominous,' Riehl chuckled as he slumped a little where he sat. If he was going to be stuck here for a moment, might as well be a bit more comfortable. 'You settling in alright?'

She shrugged. "I am and am not. I still can't believe I'm here but here I am." She smiled a little as the scans continued. "Have you been aboard long?"

'It feels like forever,' Riehl replied with a big smile, 'not much adventuring on a station like this. A few months to be honest. I do like the quiet. What was your previous posting?'

"USS Firestone. I figured I could use the quiet and well your previous CMO suggested here." She studied him. "We'll Tests are coming up great BUT," She said dramatically. "There are some worries. Being a Trill like me your Eseniar levels should be lower. You're not joined from what I they shouldn't be that high. That could mean you picked up a parasite."

'Ah yes, the Trill specialty,' Riehl replied, masking his glumness. 'I just knew this was going to happen - my body does just not do well in the field. Too many critters, you know?'

She sighed. "Yeah not so fun." She gave him another shot and then headed for the closet pulling out five bags. "It's like tea, Mix one bag with hot water every morning for five days and then....well I want to tell you it will be okay but this stuff will make you sick to your stomach. Which is what you want. By day five that sucker will have popped out one way or another and then you need to come back here for one more shot and a scan."

Holding out a hand for the bags of medicine, Riehl grimaced again. 'And people ask how glamourous Starfleet tours can be. Anything else I can do to clear the little buggers out?'

"Just rest as much as you can." She sighed. "If you feel light headed or dizzy come back in or call me and I'll come find you. Honestly it's not serious...just annoying." She gave his shoulder a pat. "Don't worry. The little bugger will be out in no time."

Resting meant not working out excessively. The thought of having to take it easy made him feel itchy. That, or the parasite using my body as a hotel. 'Alright Doc, you're the boss in this.'

He got to his feet, 'I've probably kept you longer than needed.' Tilo smiled, 'at least, your predecessor felt that way. If you're built differently, I've thought about having a game's night every so often, if you'd like to join in.'

She smiled a little. "I am not very good but will endeavor to try."

'I don't recall mentioning that the rest of us were any good,' Riehl replied with a deep chuckle, 'we muddle through mostly.' He waved to the wider station through the door, 'I'm sure I'll run into you out there at some point.'

She smiled and waved. "See you again. Remember come back in a week so I can check your progress."

'Of course!' Riehl called back with a thumbs up.



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