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Preparations: Briefing

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2024 @ 3:25am by Lieutenant Commander Brott & Lieutenant Skye MacLeod & Lieutenant Himari Kai, MD & Lieutenant JG Tilo Riehl & Ensign Andrea Astor

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Mission: Spiders of Sarastus VII
Location: Bellwether | Sakura Lounge


The most important meal of the day made sense when on a planet operating with clear days and nights, but aboard a small station like Bellwether, whatever constituted as breakfast, lunch, or dinner was up for debate and self-determination. Nevertheless, the crew had assembled and were partaking in food and beverages, coffee, tea, and juices.

Brott, the jovial Bolian station commander chewed off a good bite of blueberry bagel and washed it down with a swig of uttaberry juice. He looked around to see the crew, different face among them in Doctor Himari Kai. That would be the first order of business. "I am sure everyone has gotten to know our new Station's Physician" he gestured to the doctor. "Doctor Kai will be with us now."

The Bolian smiled at the thought of the cat as well. "We have a few matters of business" he prefaced. "A cargo freighter will be arriving, Astor and I will handle that" he said looking in the ensign's direction.

“We are all set,” she promised.

"I am also expecting new crew to show up to fill our vacancies left by Ford and Valko" explained Brott. "Additionally, I had requested some structural changes to the station that have been approved. We will be clearing out the auxiliary cargo hold next to the infirmary to do some structural changes. Doctor, the small auxiliary cargo hold will become crew quarters for you, a new doorway will connect the infirmary to your quarters."

It had been a request Brott had put in at the behest of the previous stations physician. Unfortunately, she had not stayed with the station to see it come to fruition.

She grinned. " are bad Mr. Brott." She laughed. "I shall let Tanaka know what she's missing."

"I did not do anything," Brott said in his defense. "Paperwork takes time and patience. Katsumi did not have those in abundance."

Brott picked up a PaDD "Cargo also contains materials, supplies, and equipment needed for some upgrades to the station. They are sending someone to assist us with those. Our hope is with these upgrades that we will enhance our communication range and overcome the increased interference from the ionite nebulae."

"Perfect. I'd love to get better scans as well," Skye said. Communications were important, but so was learning more about the nebula.

The Bolian smiled at the woman's response. Science officers he could listen to them for hours at a time if he had the luxury to allocate his time accordingly. "We will certainly working on upgrading everything that we can while we have the ability to. That includes our sensors, our shuttlecraft, our probes, and our defenses" he stated making note not to leave the Security Chief out of it.

"We're going to have a bit of an uptick in traffic" surmised Brott. "Aside from cargo and personnel, we have a guest stopping by. One of my dearest friends and former Bellwether crewmate, Commander Izzy Schröder will be in the region. She plans on taking her ship into the Ionite nebulae to study it some more. Skye, if you are interested, I would be delighted to have to go along with her."

'Some additional traffic to spice things up here will do us good I think,' Tilo replied with a nod. He held up his coffee mug and smiled, 'and I'm suitably mollified with upgrades to our comms and security systems.'

Skye grinned. "I'd love to go." She was eager to get a look at the nebula herself and this was the perfect opportunity.

"Perfect," he stated as though it made it official. "You'll assist her with that. The rest of us will handle cargo and construction duty. Anyone have anything to bring up for the good of the order?"

Kai raised her hand. "Your friendly physician here. Just um...a little glitch I'd like to bring up if I may."

"Cute," Brott said with a chuckle. "Not a classroom. You go on right ahead and sing your chorus, what is this little glitch?"

"The computer glitched....all your physicals have been erased so swing on by so I can repopulate the data." She grinned. "No scalpels I promise...possibly some hypos."

Letting out a little groan, Riehl nodded in resignation. 'You can schedule me in whenever there's a free slot. Just no more of those teabags from you.'

She smiled. "Ahhh that only means they are working. Since you've been so gracious to volunteer see you after the briefing."

"Wonderful," said Brott. "Skye after Riehl, then Astor, and then myself. That sounds efficient."

She grinned. "Excellent. Oh Commander Dr. Tanaka left something for you."

"Yeah, and in desperate times only will I be wearing it," Brott replied. "I have no plans on playing nurse again anytime soon."

"I look forward to hearing that story."

Brott shuddered. "Sure, some day for sure. For now, dismissed people. We have the cargo freighter coming and the starship Warbler arriving. Busy day ahead."

Kai smiled as she grabbed her coffee cup and headed to the sickbay.



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