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Preparations: Breakfast

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2024 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Brott & Lieutenant Skye MacLeod & Lieutenant Himari Kai, MD & Lieutenant JG Tilo Riehl & Ensign Andrea Astor

1,135 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Spiders of Sarastus VII
Location: Sakura Lounge
Timeline: Current


The gathering of his crew was an important task in order to keep everyone on the same page and apprised of changes or abrupt arrivals. In this case, there was a scheduled freighter arriving and an unscheduled pit stop from an old friend. Someone had made the mistake once of gifting Brott a gong which he was presently using to summon the crew. Normal communication can be blasé he thought standing in what constituted as a lounge, dressed in his uniform and waiting his crew.

He was glad that Astor decided to stay with them. They had a new station physician, but Valko Kostova had departed. They were down two bodies, but could manage. Brott had replicated a little spread for them all: juices, coffee, and tea for beverages. For food a variety of bagels. A delightful treat was a variety of actual fruit, not replicated.

"Good Morning my little doves!" he bellowed loudly and proudly hearing some footsteps approaching the junction where the lounge was located. "Breakfast is ready and we have visitors coming in a few hours" he added cheerfully. Fortunately, this time it was not going to be sick Ferengi. That much he was very thankful for. The station had returned to its normal scent.

Himari had always been an early riser. After her first patient the other day she'd spent the night re-arranging the sickbay to her liking. She'd ended up staying overnight there in the biobed with nothing but her cat for company. The sickbay was almost up to her expectations, she'd put in a list of supplies she needed and had just gotten coffee when the gong show had started. She grinned and shook her head. "I can see why Tanaka ran..." She chuckled as she got a coffee refill and headed towards the booming sound.

Brott had an interesting friendship with the previous physician, Tanaka, and he would always have peculiar friendships with his crew. Though each was different. "She was a prickly pear that one, but she loved it here. She just hadn't fully realized it yet" he said to Himari.

"The others will be getting here soon. New faces are always the quickest to arrive" he teased. "I believe we have more medical supplies aboard the freighter that's arriving, a few things Doctor Tanaka had requested before she left."

It had been a good dream, what there was of it after a late night tinkering with an old school video game system she was restoring. As it was, just a little over an hour after her head hitting the pillow, a loud noise began echoing through the station - startling her awake and in a blink of an eye she fell from the bed onto the floor, tangled up in the bed sheets.


Kicking her legs free, she quickly got to her feet, throwing the offending bed sheets onto the bed as she grabbed for a fresh uniform and headed for a quick sonic shower before getting dressed and heading off in search of the stations CO.

She was just securing the end of a French braid as she followed the noise and - more importantly- the smell of food.

"Well Commander Brott," Kai said. "I can safely check off the hearing test for each of the crew members....or maybe I should give them one after your....rousing edition of get the hell over here." She looked at the new arrival. "I can see this is a rather...fascinating station. Is this his usual?"

“Usual isn’t a word we use very often around here,” the ensign confided with a grin while pouring a coffee. She wanted to be wide awake to enjoy the food. “You get used to it. Kinda… would you like some coffee?”

Brott would have stuck his tongue out if he hadn't had a mouthful of blueberry bagel to swallow. Once he did though, he of course had the bud into that. "We're Starfleet officers, Ensign, weird is part of our job."

“That is what the recruitment poster promised,” Astor agreed as she stuck her tongue out at him in return.

Skye had a light step as she walked in and helped herself to breakfast. The relay station was a welcome sanctuary after visiting the Ferengi planet and the unsanitary conditions. "Good morning," she said to the group at large, noting the new faces.

Kai smiled slightly as she poured coffee. This would be an interesting assignment. The relationships here were interesting. Part of her suspected that it wouldn't be the meditative oasis she thought it would be.

Riehl emerged at the smell of coffee. It was always a little weak for his tastes - give him the Klingon stuff any day - but as he rubbed sleep from his eye he was grateful to grab a mug. Nodding at the others present, he waved his PADD in Brott's direction. 'Overnight comms traffic. Nothing interesting at first glance.'

The Trill took up residence against a support bulkhead, leaning his squat frame against it as he glanced about for pastries.

Brott was glad there was nothing too serious that had happened overnight and he took the PADD from the man. "Thank you for standing watch. I'll be sure to make this quick. Want to make sure you get some sleep and rest up" he said to Riehl. "I am glad is was not overly eventful for you" he added regarding the man's night watch.

Kai sat back filling her coffee cup again. For some reason her mind flashed back to something long ago, something there but out of her grasp. She shook her head and focused on Brott. She grinned as above him there is a muddled meow before her cat jumped on his shoulder.

The Trill perked up, 'oh a cat!' He leaned in to take a closer look, the tiredness of having come off shift wearing off a moment. 'What a handsome beast.'

Kai smiled at her fellow Trill. "Her name is Matilda." As if in answer the cat jumped off Brott's shoulders and headed to Riehl sensing she could get some ear scratches.

"I think she likes you," Kai said to Riehl.

He smiled as he held out a hand gingerly, allowing the cat to see it clearly, before moving to scritch it between the ears. 'Good kitty,' he said under his breath.

Kai grinned as she watched the cat interacting with Riehl. When she'd had her fill she wound herself around Brott again. Kai refilled her coffee and waited for the team meeting to fully begin.

Brott settled into his seat. "Everyone," he said addressing them. "Smashing news, but first let's grab breakfast. Rule number three, never brief on an empty stomach."



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